Zelle scam drains $1,700 from Fayetteville woman’s bank account

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) — Fraud through a money transfer app continues to drain thousands of dollars from consumer accounts.

A woman from Fayetteville, Mary Vincent is one of the latest victims and she has no idea how it happened.

“My bank account was locked, so I called the number on the screen and they sent me to the fraud department,” Vincent said.

Right away, Vincent said a bank clerk told her that a man she had never heard of had gotten over $1,700 in her bank account. Emails from his bank show that the transfers were made through the Zelle payment app.

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“It took him five different tries, attempts to get the money,” Vincent added.

She reported the fraud to her bank but received a letter stating that her investigation had concluded that the charges appeared to be authorized and therefore the bank was not responsible. Vincent couldn’t understand how this was possible, so she kept fighting.

“I went through all sorts of personal sources – writing letters, that sort of thing to convince the bank that it was definitely a fraud or a scam and I never heard of them “, she said.

Vincent turned to the tow truck Diane Wilson who contacted his bank. Vincent said that did the trick.

“I couldn’t get any help until I contacted you, then it was almost immediately – probably a week or so, then my money was back in the account. 100% solved and a miracle for me and a heavy load on my back,” Vincent said.

Vincent isn’t the only victim of scams involving the Zelle payment app. Although secure, cash apps are a target for scammers.

Never share your account passwords or PIN, especially if you receive a text or phone call alleging fraud on your account, as you may be giving access to scammers.

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