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COBB COUNTY, GA – A woman in Cobb County has a warning for others after she says a fake customer service rep scammed her for hundreds of dollars.

Kristen Williams said she is trying to fix an incorrect money transfer on the popular mobile payment app, Cash App.

She had sent money for lunch to the wrong person and wanted the transfer fixed.

When she couldn’t find a phone number on the app, Williams said she Google searched for it.

“When I called over there the guy said, ‘I’m Kevin with Cash App Customer Service. How can I help you? “” Williams said.

She said everything looked and felt legitimate, so she wasn’t worried when the so-called customer service rep asked her for information about her private account.

In the end, the person on the other line emptied her and her boyfriend’s accounts of over $ 1,500.


“I said, ‘Sir, the money I had in my account that was in my Cash App account, it went,’ and then he hung up,” Williams said. “You can say I should have known better, but when I wentogle the number it was not lost in different addresses. It sits at the very top of the search.

Not only is the number disconnected, it has been removed from the search results.

Channel 2 Action News called the number that now appears in the search. This is the official number of Cash App.

“Please note that Cash App employees are often spoofed by crooks circulating fake phone numbers online,” an official Cash App recording said when we called.

The company has confirmed that Williams was likely the victim of an online phishing scam.

Just a day later Channel 2 Action News started asking questions, Williams was reimbursed.

“Find different ways to verify the numbers, make sure they belong to the company,” Williams said.

Cash App confirms that it usually only communicates via official email – and the Cash App team will never ask people for their PIN or login outside of the app.

Cash App sent Channel 2 Action News the following statement:

We always strive to protect our customers, including informing them about phishing scams. Customers are reminded that currently (1) the Cash App team generally communicates by email; (2) the email will come from a cash.app, square.com or squareup.com address; and (3) the Cash App team will never solicit a customer’s PIN or login code outside of the app. For more information, we encourage customers to visit here.

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