Walmart enters the metaverse with trademark filings

Walmart appears primed for an all-out metaverse blitz, thanks to a series of trademark filings that extend its core brand and logo to every app imaginable, including a full suite of cryptocurrency, NFT and other metaverse services for consumers. suppliers.

But the 21 highly detailed trademark filings from December 30, first reported by CNBC, do not include anything that appears to be a Walmart proprietary cryptocurrency name. They seem to be mostly a matter of Wal-Mart claiming brand real estate in the metaverse just in case any of these apps ever become real-world initiatives.

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The repositories extend the Walmart name, the Walmart Connect media business, and their associated starburst logos to nearly every conceivable area of ​​the metaverse, including virtual healthcare visits, NFTs, and all manner of electronic transactions.

Among the more interesting aspects, the giant retailer plans to expand its Walmart Connect brand, which covers advertising services for vendors, to a range of offerings that include cryptocurrency-related financial services.

Although it never opened its own bank, Walmart has long sought to break into financial services. The retailer, for example, has its own money transfer service in partnership with MoneyGram which competes with Western Union and its own Walmart Pay digital wallet.

But the trademark filings cover the possibility of expanding its reach deeper into financial services, processing cryptocurrency transactions and potentially eliminating or reducing transaction fees it has long struggled with card processors. credit and debit through decades of litigation. In theory, Walmart could allow users to create their own online cryptocurrency wallets to cover payments directly or to third-party sellers, bypassing financial institutions.

The filings also expand Walmart Connect to cover data and software services for vendors, which the retailer has developed through its Walmart Data Ventures unit and a partnership with Dunnhumby, which was previously part-owned by rival Kroger Co. and still operating. in close collaboration with the British retailer. Tesco.

There aren’t many specific new marks suggesting imminent activity, with three exceptions. The retailer filed a “Verse to Store” application; “Home Verse”; and the “Verse to Curb” brands that remove the “Meta” to cover Walmart site-to-store and Walmart+ virtual to physical domain delivery options.

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