Viewers having difficulty donating to the Late Late Toy Show appeal via Revolut

Revolut customers are having difficulty donating to The Late Late Toy Show appeal through the app.

The digital payment app has partnered with RTÉ to raise money for children’s charities through The Late toy show charity appeal, which raised more than 6.6 million euros last year.

Users in the European Economic Area and UK were able to make instant contributions to the Toy Show appeal through the app donation feature.

However, as the app ran into technical difficulties throughout the day, host Ryan Tubridy announced on the show that the donation feature is currently not working.

It was reported earlier that the app is facing major issues around the world as many customers cannot use their account.

It seems that the services are completely unavailable for some customers while others cannot transfer money or top up their accounts.

Others cannot log into the app at all and the currency exchange function is also affected.

Speaking to Twitter, the digital payment app said, “There are currently issues affecting the functionality of our app.

“We are already working to get this problem resolved as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. “

It also appears that no account can be reloaded by wire transfer, with an in-app warning: “Card reloads are not currently working.

“Some refills may be on hold longer than usual. We are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

Those wishing to donate to The Late Late Toy Show Appeal are encouraged to do so through the website.

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