US billionaires too poor to make the 2022 Forbes 400

These billionaires are too poor to make the cut – yet.

Jhere is rich, then there is Forbes 400 rich.

It takes $2.7 billion to qualify for this year’s ranking of America’s richest people. That’s down from $2.9 billion last year, but still a far cry from just a decade ago, when the threshold for this elite group was just 1.1. billion dollars.

This leaves behind many famous faces. Oprah Winfrey (estimated net worth, $2.5 billion) is too poor. Kanye West ($2 billion) can’t get enough. Neither Kim Kardashian ($1.8 billion), Michael Jordan ($1.7 billion), Peter Jackson ($1.5 billion) or Jay-Z ($1.3 billion).

The same goes for Charlie Munger, 98 ($2.1 billion), a longtime partner of Warren Buffet; JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon ($1.4 billion); and Tim Cook ($1.8 billion), Apple’s boss since 2011.

In all, Forbes found more than 300 American billionaires who have ten-figure fortunes, but not enough dough to crack The Forbes 400.

Here are a handful of potential newcomers who could steal a spot on the roster in the not-too-distant future (net worth is as of September 2, 2022).

Henry Davis

Age: 71

Net worth: $2.3 billion

Source: Greater Omaha Wrapping

Davis is the third-generation beef supplier that owns Greater Omaha Packing, the fifth-largest beef producer in the United States, after giants Tyson, Cargill, JBS and National Beef. His fortunes swelled during the pandemic as food prices soared, putting him near Forbes 400 status.

Nikil Viswanathan and Joe Lau

Ages: 34 (Viswanathan), 33 (Lau)

Net worth: $2.1 billion each

Source: Alchemy

Their blockchain startup, Alchemy, provides base layer software for Web3 crypto projects. The duo became billionaires in February after their company reached a valuation of $10.2 billion. Business remains strong, according to Viswanathan; Alchemy purchased a coding bootcamp last month for an undisclosed amount.

Alexis LeQuoc

Age: 47 years old

Net worth: $2.2

Source: Datadog

The chief technology officer of cloud monitoring company Datadog dropped out of this year’s 400 list as Datadog shares fell 30% amid the tech crisis. But Datadog’s cloud computing niche could benefit as companies move more systems and databases online. The company’s revenue last quarter ($406 million) was up 42% year over year.

James Duff and Thomas Duff

Ages: 61 (James), 65 (Thomas)

Net worth: $2.2 billion each

Source: Duff Capital

The Duff brothers co-founded and co-owned Duff Capital Investors, a holding company that generates annual revenues of over $3.5 billion. Sales are up at their largest business, Southern Tire Mart, a regional tire dealer and retread manufacturer. The billionaire siblings are the wealthiest residents of Mississippi.

Alex Atallah and Devin Finzer

Age: 30 (Atallah), 31 (Finzer)

Net worth: $1.3 billion each

Source: OpenSea

The millennial co-founders of NFT Exchange OpenSea became billionaires in January after raising funds at a valuation of $13.3 billion. The NFT craze has cooled since then, knocking nearly $1 billion off the duo’s net worth, but if digital collectibles make a comeback, OpenSea has the first-mover advantage to capitalize.

Jeffrey Soffer

Age: 54

Net worth: $2.2 billion

Source: Real Estate

Soffer, son of Floridian developer Donald Soffer, started his own real estate development company, Fontainebleau Development, in 2018. His holdings include the historic luxury hotel Fontainebleau Miami Beach and more than a dozen apartment buildings and resorts. high-end hotel industry, primarily in Miami’s fast-growing neighborhood. Region.

Ray Davis

Age: 80 years old

Net worth: $2.4 billion

Source: Energy

A former Forbes 400 member, Ray Davis co-founded publicly traded pipeline company Energy Transfer, whose shares have risen 23% since last year. Davis retired as CEO in 2007, but remains executive chairman and owns about 3% of the company.


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