Unwanted popups can mean spyware infection in your personal computer

Q: I have Windows 11 and my screen was overtaken by a pop-up for Zelle. It reads, “Participating with Zelle” and also includes links such as “Visit the Security Center”, “Planning and Tools” and “Give Feedback”. I don’t know how to get rid of it – please help me!

— Millie H., Vero Beach

A: Zelle is a money transfer service that many banks offer their customers these days. It lets you send payments of $1,000 or less to individuals or businesses instead of writing checks or using a service like PayPal.

If you see a reference to Zelle in a pop-up window, it may imply that you have a spyware infection, as the bank’s brand or banking service specifics are often used as fraudulent fodder in emails and emails. fraudulent pop-ups.

Considering this, the first step would be to scan your system for viruses with your antivirus program and then scan your system for malware with an anti-malware scanner. For the latter, please get the free version of Malwarebytes from the following URL: https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download

Download it, install it, and let the program scan run until it’s complete (this may take a few hours depending on your computer’s speed). Follow the onscreen instructions to delete or quarantine anything that appears in the scan results.

At this point restart the system and see if you still get the Zelle popups or not when Windows returns.

If so, it might not be a malicious item, but rather a Windows 11 widget for your bank that needs to be calibrated.

Windows 11 makes heavy use of widgets, which are essentially the Windows equivalent of apps you install on smartphones or tablets. As with those apps, some Windows 11 widgets are more fine-tuned in their capabilities and behaviors than others and this could be one of those cases where the app needs a little tweaking to work well with the rest of your Windows environment.

Unfortunately, you haven’t indicated which bank this pop-up is from, so it’s difficult to provide specifics beyond these general steps, but the following URL on Microsoft’s website provides an overview of how to working with widgets in Windows 11, including how to enable and disable them and how to access their settings if needed: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/widgets-in-windows- 11/a7a128d4-49bc-46eb-80dd-8ebfba50a2c1? auth=1

Try the steps there to adjust the widget settings – hopefully this will prevent pop-ups from appearing. If you are unable to do this or are unsure how to proceed (which is always possible when working with apps or widgets), please contact your bank’s website support team to get additional help.

Eyal Goldshmid

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