Third-Party Online Transfer Service Temporarily Discontinued, At Least 5 Banks Affected

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Money and finances can become a constant source of stress in your life and lead to anxiety and other emotional turmoil.

People also feel stressed about money even when they can’t access their bank account online, or a payment or transfer they made has failed.

That’s what happened when the nation’s banks faced an online system outage or service disruption on Monday morning (September 12).

chew the sin reported that several national banks, including RHB, Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB and United Overseas Bank (UOB), faced disruptions to their online banking services.

Customers have complained about not being able to make third-party online transfers.

At the time of writing, Hong Leong Bank (Hong Leong) customer service informed that the transfer to another Hong Leong account went smoothly.

However, the transfer to the aforementioned banks encountered problems.

Sin Chew said his reporter tried to lead DuitNow online transactions through RHB Bank, but without success.

The website also informed that the account to be transferred has been rejected.

However, the money was debited despite being informed that the transaction did not go through.

Generalized problem

Sin Chew then called the bank to find out, and bank staff confirmed the matter.

Customers were asked to wait 24 hours or check with the account receiving the payout if they had received the payout.

Bank staff added that the online money transfer service started having problems this morning.

Additionally, when the reporter called Maybank’s hotline, he was told that the bank was experiencing network service interference.

Customers were temporarily unable to make online transfers and at the same time the bank was receiving numerous telephone enquiries.

Public Bank customer service staff said they were also experiencing the same difficulties.

Meanwhile, Hong Leong Bank’s customer service staff told them that there was no problem with their bank’s internal online transfer.

However, they received customer feedback that money transfers to RHB Banks, CIMB, UOB and Maybank all had issues.

Additionally, transfers via services such as FPX and Jom Pay could not be completed.

Everybody stay calm

At noon, the services concerned did not resume, but some banks managed to react to the situation later in the afternoon.

Some users have tried making online transfers using the web browser instead of the mobile app, with mixed results.

With recent widespread bank fraud and online fraud, bank customers had good reason to panic.

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Sin Chew Daily added that as of 12:40 p.m. no bank had posted on social media warning users.

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