Sila and Corpay in Payments Collaboration

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  • Corpay, which is a leading international money transfer company, has announced that it will enter into an agreement with Sila, a fintech software platform.
  • The new arrangement will allow Sila customers to access a variety of currencies in 100 countries around the world.
  • “With partnerships like this, Sila feels well prepared to help these businesses succeed,” said a Sila figurehead.

Sila Inc., a leading financial technology software platform, has confirmed that it will work with Corpay.

Sila said she is committed to working with Corpay, an international money transfer provider owned by FLEETCOR.

Corpay offers a range of currency risk management options as well as cross-border payment for businesses.

It is expected that Sila customers will now be able to access more than 145 currencies in 100 countries.

Customers will be able to access foreign exchange markets and make cross-border payments from the same checkpoint, it is believed.

It is also understood that customers will be able to easily switch between making payments in their own country and making payments abroad.

In a statement, the CEO and co-founder of Sila said the company’s goal is to give entrepreneurs what they need.

Shamir Karkal said the company’s goal is to help entrepreneurs build businesses, especially when it comes to businesses looking to expand internationally.

“Sila’s primary goal has always been to provide entrepreneurs with the tools to realize their vision and build a successful business, most often with an international component,” he said.

He added that Corpay has a lot of capacity to make cross-border payments – especially in terms of “depth and reach”.

“Corpay, with its depth and reach in facilitating cross-border payments, can be the ideal partner for our clients’ needs,” he explained.

He went on to say that the company regularly encounters innovations – and that the company has some capacity to help companies in this situation.

“We’re seeing a lot of innovation from businesses, especially those focused on emerging markets, that rely on phones and online apps rather than bank accounts and ATMs to enable cross-border transactions,” he said.

“With partnerships like this, Sila feels well prepared to help these businesses succeed.”

Corpay is owned by FLEETCOR, a well-known company operating in the financial services industry.

Its businesses and brands enable businesses to settle payments using accounting and expense management tools as well as cross-border payment services such as Corpay.

It is widely known to be an innovative and market-leading company.

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