rte: Government schools ask for “uniform money”: parents | Dehradun News

Dehradun: In alleged violation of Right to Education (RTE) rules, parents in the city were allegedly asked to pay “uniform money” and produce transfer certificates from previous schools for the admission of their children in public schools in Dehradun neighborhood, residents said.
“Our daughter was studying at a private school before the pandemic, but the effect of Covid on my work as a musician for an alliance meant that I could no longer afford to send her there. She was in fourth standard at the time. We did some of her schooling at home and wanted her to get into sixth grade this year for which we applied to the nearest public school.
“We ran from pillar to post, but they kept asking for many documents. We had our daughter’s third grade TC. The behavior of the security guards and the class teacher was demeaning. The principal called us but refused to meet us when we got there,” said a relative, a resident of the city’s Shivlok settlement.
When contacted, the school principal said admission was under review and would be considered for classes from July. A school management official said they had 75 students and one classroom, which led to the only teacher at this level being refused admission as she is overworked.
Meanwhile, the family has yet to receive confirmation regarding their daughter’s admission.
“They reached out to us. We have written to the Department of Education to intervene in this matter. It is against RTE guidelines to require parents to obtain a TC and other documents. That’s not all. Parents in public schools are overcharged for the immediate issue of uniforms, even though books and uniforms are to be given free to students until the 8th,” said Arif Khan, president of the National Association for Parents’ Rights. and students.
Department of Education officials said that for age-appropriate admissions under the TEN, parents cannot be compelled to provide documentation. “Appropriate admissions under RTE are done regularly. For uniforms, the money is paid into the parent’s account. We have already sent the funds for the last academic session,” said Mukul Kumar Sati, Director of Education.
The state currently has 4.3 lakh students enrolled in 2,514 operational schools including 1,296 public schools, 1,044 private schools and 18 Kendriya Vidyalayas among others. There are also over 2,200 Anganwadis in the state.

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