PSP files other harassment charges

Pennsylvania State Police have filed harassment and harassment charges against a Youngstown, Ohio man after they say he repeatedly violated an abuse protection order.

On March 22, the victim informed PSP that her ex-boyfriend, Garrin L. Ross, 23, had made several attempts to contact her a week ago and in November last year.

According to the criminal complaint, Ross attempted to contact the victim via a TikTok follow request. In November, the victim said Ross sent multiple requests through Cash App, a mobile money transfer service.

The victim also alleged that Ross sent threatening messages to another protected party, but the charges against him only refer to messages sent to his ex-girlfriend. In the affidavit, police say the continued attempts to contact caused the victim emotional distress.

This is the third time Ross has been cited for harassment of his ex. Back in December the police filed a complaint alleging that he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and unknowingly recorded and shared a topless video of her without her consent.

The burglary charge was dropped in January for this case. Maura Palumbi, the public defender representing Ross in the case, said the defense argued the allegations did not fit the charge. As part of Ross’ waiver of his right to a preliminary investigation, the state agreed to drop the felony charge.

Ross still faces three misdemeanor charges, including criminal trespassing, unlawful dissemination of intimate images and harassment. A status conference is scheduled for April 6.

Police also filed a March 14 summary harassment charge against Ross for a September 16 incident. According to the criminal complaint related to the violation of the protection order, this charge was also related to Ross’ ex-girlfriend.

Ross was released without bail set March 25 after his preliminary arraignment and is scheduled to return to court May 11 for a preliminary hearing on those new charges before Slippery Rock District Judge Joseph J. Nash.

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