Plea Negotiations Lead to Conviction of 2 Osec Suspects

ILIGAN CITY, Lanao del Norte – Section 2 of the Regional Court of First Instance convicted on November 18 a trafficker and his accomplice for offenses related to the online sexual exploitation of children (Osec).

The suspects, in exchange for money online, sexually assaulted three minors, including the trafficker’s sister and cousin.

The conviction was the conclusion of a back-to-back rescue operation on July 7, 2021 carried out by the field unit of the Center for the Protection of Women and Children of Mindanao (WCPC-MFU).

Meanwhile, WCPC-MFU police officers encountered the male suspect during a routine cyber patrol, which led to further investigation and the suspect’s eventual arrest. This resulted in the seizure of electronic devices and money transfer receipts which helped build strong evidence for the prosecution, with the suspect ultimately pleading guilty to offenses related to online sexual exploitation after concluding a plea deal on Thursday, November 18.

Upon learning of the conviction of the suspects, one of the arresting officers responded by saying: “We are delighted with the conviction of the accused in this case. It is an assurance that the wheels of justice are turning. WCPC team under the leadership of PBGen. WCPC chief Alessandro C. Abella saved the three minors from online sexual exploitation last July. Knowing that the suspects are now serving their sentences behind bars, all of our efforts in the WCPC-Mindanao field unit are worth it. Let this serve as a warning to all perpetrators of crimes against vulnerable sectors that they will be charged with their crime. “

The trafficker was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted trafficking under Republic Law 9208 or the Anti-Trafficking Law.

He was ordered to pay a fine of P 500,000 and civil obligations amounting to P 50,000 per plaintiff.

He was also sentenced to an additional four to six years’ imprisonment for violations of the Child Abuse Act and the Child Pornography Act, and ordered to pay a combined civil liability of P 100,000 per plaintiff. .

His accomplice, meanwhile, was sentenced to two to four years’ imprisonment and civil liability of 50,000 pesos per plaintiff for pleading guilty to other offenses in violation of the law against trafficking in persons. .

She was also ordered to serve an additional four years’ imprisonment for child abuse and possession of child pornography, and to pay a total of P 50,000 per complainant for violating RA 7610.

On charges under the Child Pornography Act, she was sentenced to two years, four months and one day of up to four years and two months. She was also ordered to pay a fine of P 100,000 and P 50,000 per complainant as compensation.

Regional Prosecutor Merlynn Uy, head of the Justice Ministry’s regional anti-trafficking task force in northern Mindanao, said: children and skilled trafficking. This highlights our continued efforts against online child sexual exploitation in this region to ensure that vulnerable children and women are freed from this form of sexual exploitation and that perpetrators are held accountable for these crimes.

Regarding Uy’s statement, lawyer Lucille Dejito, director of the IJM Cebu program office, said: “Online sexual exploitation of children is a serious crime and the penalties heavy, even in plea bargaining, recognize the seriousness of this offense. We hope this will strongly deter criminals from committing this type of violence against children. Deterring criminals means protecting more children from violence.

To date, two of the three survivors are currently safe in a shelter as they continue on their journey to recovery while the remaining survivor has now been reintegrated into her family. (RP)

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