OpenPayd Appoints Head of Payments Infrastructure

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  • Barry O’Sullivan has been appointed Head of Payments Infrastructure at OpenPayd, which is a banking platform provider as a service with an international money transfer element.
  • O’Sullivan has previously worked at companies such as HiFX, Vitesse PSP Limited and many more – and he has nearly two decades of industry experience.
  • “I am excited to join OpenPayd and am committed to supporting our customers with a payments infrastructure that delivers first-class payments and foreign exchange services helping them scale globally,” O’Sullivan said in a press release.

OpenPayd, a leading banking-as-a-service platform with an international money transfer component, has announced the appointment of a new Head of Payments Infrastructure.

The company hired Barry O’Sullivan to take on the role.

O’Sullivan is a very experienced practitioner in the sector, having worked in the industry for almost two decades.

His 19 years of experience includes a position as head of global payment solutions at HiFX, now known in the market as XE.

He also worked at a company called Speed ​​PSP Limited.

Within this company, he was director of corporate payment solutions.

He also spent time at a software-as-a-service company known as Kyriba.

In this company, he was Director of Strategic Payments.

His new role at OpenPayd, meanwhile, is expected to be quite varied.

He will be responsible for improving the range of products offered by the company, particularly in the context of achieving new growth objectives.

He will also be responsible for adding new payment functionalities to the system provided by OpenPayd.

OpenPayd is increasingly known in the industry for its ability to link international payment systems in real time.

It has grown in recent years and is widely seen as a candidate for even greater growth due to the increase in certain types of cross-border payments.

It is understood that it has the specific goal of linking its platform to a range of real-time payment systems around the world.

O’Sullivan is expected to play a big role in that – sentiments that were echoed in his remarks to the press.

In a statement, O’Sullivan commented that he thought positively about taking on the role – and that he felt “committed” about some of his key goals.

He said he wanted to help customers use the company’s payment infrastructure, especially in the context of global expansion.

“I am excited to join OpenPayd and am committed to supporting our customers with a payment infrastructure that delivers first-class payments and FX services helping them scale globally,” he explained.

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