M’sian Store Owner Warns How Customer Tried To Scam Him With Fake QR Pay Image

The rise of technology has allowed us to do things that were unthinkable in the past like paying for goods and services as well as making quick bank transfers with the QR payment option on our phones.

However, for store owners there is now a higher risk of being scammed by customers who may simply be “pretending” to make a payment.

Recently, Faez, owner of a pet store and a hotel named perfect animalstook to Twitter to share his experience of how he almost got scammed by a “customer”.

In his position, he urged business owners who use QR payment methods to always verify the account linked to the QR code for confirmation that you have received the money transfer.

“This lady almost got away with it in our store earlier. Seriously, she had such a poker face.

How did that happen

In the Twitter post, Faez explained how the incident happened. “She came in with 2 little boys and got a few things and wanted to pay. I was in the back listening and our cashier asked how she would pay.

She asked if she could pay with DuitNow and continued to do so.

“Then I checked the QRPayBiz app. No operation. It’s not gone. It has MORE stuff.

“I then walked past the checkout. She was striking up a conversation with my cashier while we were scanning her items, then she showed me her phone screen to confirm,” he wrote.


Faez said it was the second “purchase”, with the first costing around RM40. “Do you see that he said the name of the shop instead of succeeding? Please be aware,” he said.

He then noted that she had in fact screenshot and crop of pay now button. “She then showed it as her receipt. She really seemed to be did nothing wrong and spoke to us normally.”

In CCTV footage, Faez said you can see how she entered the amount, captured the payment page, then closed the Maybank app.

“She then took all their things and got into their car. I rechecked again and again but no transaction. I went to her and asked him to come back and return the items as no money was receivedFaez said.

“Then she said her money had already been deducted. But I told her to talk to Maybank about it. So she left empty-handed.

It doesn’t stop there

Although she had not paid for the items, the woman contacted the store and asked when they were going to return his money.

“I called Maybank’s fraud department and they told me not to entertain her and asked her to call them instead.”


Faez said that after his failed attempt, she then tried to go to another branch of the pet store. “It’s crazy, she tried the same tactic, but the staff there kept it waiting until his “payment” is made. In the end, she paid him in cash.


In conclusion, Faez urged business owners to always be vigilant and aware of these things.

“Make sure the payment receipt indicates success and check the transaction to confirm. I pity all small businesses and stalls, especially uncles and aunts who sell kuih. How could they even know that.

Have you ever experienced something similar? Let us know in the comments.

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