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LAST year, Filipinos living and working in the United States sent more than $11 billion to loved ones and charitable causes in the Philippines. To ensure they were able to continue providing support to their homeland, Sendwave made it easier and more affordable for Filipinos to send money by eliminating remittance fees and long delays. waiting.

Founded in 2014, Sendwave was started by two Brown University engineers, Drew Durbin and Lincoln Quirk, who wanted to make sending money abroad as easy and affordable as texting. Since then, Sendwave has grown to over 500,000 active users and, in some markets in Africa, was responsible for over half of all remittances, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Metrobank was Sendwave’s first banking partner in the Philippines and served as the processing partner for cash withdrawal transactions. For bank transfers, senders could send to Metrobank accounts in the Philippines, and for cash withdrawals, recipients could also pick up at Metrobank branches.

In addition to providing users with convenient and reliable money transfer services, Sendwave has also assured its customers that every transaction is secure and personal information is protected with the highest level of encryption and leading card processors of debt.

Instead of days, recipients in the Philippines can typically expect to receive their funds in minutes for mobile wallet transfers and cash pickups and 1-5 hours for bank transfers without compromising ease and convenience. security.

Currently, Sendwave was licensed across the United States and backed by many world-renowned investors. Sendwave also offered shipping from Canada, UK and other parts of Europe. The company even appeared on the Y-Combinator list of top startups alongside Airbnb and PayPal and was acquired by WorldRemit for $500 million in 2020.

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