Local woman warns of scam after using money transfer app


Local woman warns others about money transfer scam.

Caldwell’s Patsy Lopez was tricked into sending hundreds of dollars to someone she thought was Cash App customer service. It is a money transfer app that many of us use regularly.

She says she got screwed after finding the wrong information on Google.

“This is where I was and was just sending money,” Lopez said, showing us the app on his phone.

She recently needed to send money electronically.

“It was for plane tickets to go see a brand new little baby,” she said.

But, there was a problem with his transaction. Lopez went online for help.

“A really quick google search brought up a number that I called and someone answered me as Cash App customer service and they helped me through the process,” he said. she declared.

The person on the other end of the phone walked him through a process to fix his account.

“They asked me to send money to Adriana and they assured me it was a secure email and that she was the supervisor who would help us transfer the money to the right account. “

She realized it was a scam.

“I wasn’t talking with Cash App,” she said.

Lopez said they took about $ 400.

“Thank goodness my bank was able to return it, but yeah, pretty tearful if they weren’t,” she said. “It’s still a scary thing because he got just under $ 400 back then but tried my account several times afterwards, during the process just saying you know he was resetting my account. so to all the money that might have been taken if my bank had not refused these transactions, ”Lopez said.

“Scammers are very good at doing it and that’s why they do it, because it works. Always be very careful every time you enter personal information, ”said Lauren Galley, regional director of the Better Business Bureau.

“Always double check to access the computer. Make sure you are on the correct website. When it says ‘http’, look for that ‘s’ at the end and it means secure,” he said. she declared.

Galley and Lopez also suggest trusting your instincts.

“It didn’t quite fit. It made perfect sense at the time that I had been scammed,” Lopez said.

“You certainly don’t think that will happen to you. It sure is,” she added.

The BBB says it’s best to use a credit card when making electronic money transfers because they have better security features.

Lopez reported the scam to his bank and law enforcement. She told KBTX that the number she called had (601) 600-3807 on the caller ID.

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