Inpay Announces CEO Appointment

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  • Inpay, which operates in the international money transfer industry and is known as an innovative fintech company, has announced the appointment of a new chief executive.
  • Thomas Jul, who trained as a software engineer and worked for companies such as Nokia, has been appointed to the position.
  • “For 14 years, Inpay has been providing instant, cost-effective cross-border payments to its customers around the world and I look forward to propelling its journey forward,” Jul said in a press release.

Inpay, a leading fintech company specializing in the international money transfer industry, has confirmed the appointment of a new chief executive.

Inpay said it appointed Thomas Jul to this position.

Jul has worked in the industry for the past decades and worked for over a decade at Nokia.

He has also worked in organizations such as Ericsson and Nets.

He has a number of qualifications from leading institutions including the Wharton School and Harvard Business School.

At Inpay, he will focus more specifically on compliance and customer service.

He will also assume responsibility for product development.

It will strive to increase the degree of financial inclusion that customers around the world can experience.

His appointment has been officially approved by a regulatory body in the field – the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA).

He will succeed his predecessor, Jacob Tackmann Thomsen, who established the company in 2008.

In a statement, Jul explained what financial inclusion means to him in the context of wealth inequality between different countries.

“Financial inclusion is about empowering people who want to take action and contribute positively to the global economy – including citizens who do not live in a country characterized by wealth and a strong financial, technological and social infrastructure”, a- he declared.

He added that Inpay had a role to play in ensuring that this vision is realized in terms of regulations and security controls.

“Inpay contributes to this with a high level of safety, regulatory and security controls. I am very much looking forward to taking this vision further,” he said.

He went on to say that he was very happy to start working at Inpay after more than ten years of experience in the fast international money transfer industry.

“I am delighted to join the Inpay and Eurogiro family. For 14 years, Inpay has been providing instant, cost-effective cross-border payments to customers around the world and I look forward to propelling its journey,” he explained.

“The range of customers we serve, combined with the professionalism and passion of the team here, bodes well for a future where we can continue to grow by meeting the growing needs of our customers.”

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