Improving server to improve cash flow, lack of digital banking services plagues retirees – KERALA – GENERAL

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In a state with a good treasury network, the inability to provide modern digital banking services, including ATMs, plagues customers, including elderly retirees.

Cash flow is hampered by the lack of a powerful central server and the authorization of the Reserve Bank when banks and others put services at their fingertips with digital technology. Cash can support modern banking services, including ATMs, if there is an efficient central server. As there are no such facilities now, you have to go to the offices to withdraw money. Cash account holders can deposit money directly to 11 banks and 54 through the gateway system. But the reverse procedure of the banks is not possible.

While government policy is to bring the services door to door, efforts to bring cash transactions to this position have stalled. The treasury still has a server system from 2014. It will not be able to meet the growing demand. Lack of IT knowledge among employees is also a barrier. Treasury officials say service will be improved with a better server system.

Although fraud was detected in the treasuries of Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram districts, it was delayed due to the lack of full online facilities. The non-implementation of the online system is an obstacle to attracting more investment in cash and increasing the availability of cash.


No ATM service

Income tax is not collected and deposited

No RTGS service

Delay in the payment of salaries and pensions

The account statement is not available online

Transferring funds is one-way


22 district treasuries, 3 regional funds and 12 state stamp depots were computerized. An integrated management system has also been put in place to bring treasury services online.

Current online services

Treasury savings account, e-payroll order

Online salary breakdown

Management and monitoring of the State budget

Distribution of benefits such as scholarships

Direct beneficiary transfer system

Transfer of grants to local authorities

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