Hackers Steal About $ 2,000 From Greensboro Woman Using Money Transfer App


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GREENSBORO, NC – A woman in Greensboro’s personal banking information has been compromised by online hackers who have taken thousands of dollars.

Valeree Hall says that while trying to verify her bank account online with BB&T, she realized she couldn’t log in earlier this month.

“I went online to check what was erased, and I couldn’t get into the system, and there was some fraudulent information,” Hall said.

She immediately called the customer service number and was told that they had noticed fraudulent activity and that she should visit a local branch as soon as possible. She shared with the bank what had happened and they confirmed that her account had been hacked. The thieves made several transactions from her account using Zelle, a money transfer app.

“It was not a transaction. It was about 20, 25 different back-to-back transactions, ”Hall said.

She filed a fraud report with the sheriff’s office after the incident.

“I was assigned a deputy sheriff. They were very active, and it was the deputy sheriff who encouraged me to file it with the FBI because, according to the bank, it was somewhere outside of Florida, ”Hall said.

During the various transactions, Hall says that one of the thieves involved withdrew $ 300 from his account and decided to hand it over.

Computer experts say it’s important for people to keep their computers up to date with virus protection software.

“Sometimes you can have a redirect virus that basically opens a separate window, so look at the top of the web browser,” said John Estep, operations manager for Red Computer Services. “Make sure no other window opens. “

For Hall, she says it could happen to anyone, no matter what precautions they may take.

“Just be aware of your online connection and make sure you have your antiviruses to protect your system, but I had that and they still have me,” Hall said.

Hall also says she will always be a part of online banking. She was able to recover her funds through her bank.


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