FBI Charlotte Offers Cash Reward for Tips Leading to Drug Trafficking Seizures – FBI

The FBI’s Charlotte Field Office offers cash rewards for tips that help agents intercept drug smuggling shipments through Charlotte. With several highways running directly through Queen City, the route is attractive to traffickers who deliver their produce and transfer the product in cash up and down the East Coast. Although law enforcement is effective at intercepting many shipments, the FBI recognizes the value the public can provide to our investigations.

If a shipment of drugs or cash is successfully seized, the tipster could receive up to 25% of the money seized. The FBI Charlotte will use the Justice Department’s Asset Forfeiture Program to pay tipsters. Currently, the new program is only active in the Charlotte metro area with plans to expand across North Carolina in the future.

As a general rule, the FBI accepts tips through our website or call center 24/7. Due to the fast-paced and mobile nature of this crime, officers have set up an information hotline using the ReportIt app. Tipsters can text DRUGTIP to 63975 and be connected to a series of screens requesting specific tip-related information. For Spanish, write DROGAS.

“FBI cases are complicated, but every breach we investigate has one thing in common. The public is one of our most important investigative partners. When we ask for help, the community always answers our call, whether we need to identify a child predator, locate a dangerous fugitive or find a missing child. Although this is a different type of request, we are confident that the community will help you. If we stop even one shipment of drugs from circulating, I will consider this campaign a success,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Robert R. Wells.

The new campaign will be announced on various social media sites in English and Spanish. Examples of graphs are shown below.

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