Fake Call Center Case: Bengaluru Police Contact US Consulate to Find Fraudulent Citizens

Police in Bengaluru decided to contact the US Consulate in Chennai for help in tracing the victims of two fake call centers targeting US citizens. Call centers were dismantled in Bengaluru earlier this month.

Bengaluru Police Whitefield Division raided the premises of two call centers operating under the identities of Ethical Infotech and Ethical Infocomm at two different locations earlier this month following a tip. Call centers primarily target senior citizens in the United States to steal their funds through fraud.

“We are writing to US authorities seeking information on citizens who have fallen victim to this type of scam perpetrated through bogus call centers in India. This type of fraud has become something of an epidemic with multiple operations throughout the country,” said a senior Bengaluru police officer overseeing the investigation.

No less than 72 employees and 12 operators of the centers were arrested by the police.

“During the searches, the police arrested nearly 72 callers working for the company responsible for the fraud and the main ringleaders belonging to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, employing young graduates from various places in India, mainly from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi,” Bengaluru police said. said in a July 8 statement.

The addition: “The callers were primarily targeting victims from the United States of America and the modus operandi primarily involved sending text, voice and email messages to potential targets that a fraudulent and suspicious transaction or purchase is noticed. in any of their accounts like a bank account or an Amazon account and they call on behalf of the bank or Amazon to resolve the fraudulent transaction.

Explaining further, police said, “They would ultimately focus on gullible victims who trust the caller and then pursue them until they part with their social security numbers, bank details and siphon money through various means such as untraceable money. transfer apps like Amazon gift cards, cryptocurrencies and even bank transfers.

According to a senior police officer, the bogus call centers used software applications that allowed officers to target large numbers of people from available US databases and “callers and bankers” would engage the likely victims and convince them to part with the funds.

“It seems to be a big problem in the United States, but it hasn’t been reported by authorities lately,” the senior police officer said.

Details of the people who fell victim to these bogus call centers and the money lost are likely to emerge from US authorities and it could also lead to identifying the specific centers involved in each fraud, law enforcement sources said.

As Bengaluru Police dismantled the two bogus call centers in Whitefield in early July, a special UP police task force arrested 10 people accused of running such bogus call centers targeting state citizens States, Canada, Lebanon and Britain and defrauding them of money worth Rs. 170 crores.

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