Debt is higher among those who live alone

Research on indebtedness shows that eight out of ten people living alone do not make financial planning to cover their expenses. The survey was conducted by the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil) and the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL).

Indebtedness of those who live alone

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Among respondents, 34% of those who lived alone exceeded their budget within a few months. About not having effective control of spending, 66% identified with the situation.

Considering data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), which shows that more than 10 million people live alone in Brazil – a figure that has grown by almost 40% in the last decade, not a few are in debt.

Among the main causes of the problem, 49% said they were in debt because they had no one to share accounts with. Lack of planning was the problem pointed out by 25% of those who live alone and are in debt.

But there are also those who do not leave anything at the end of the month, but do not owe either. This is the situation of 41% of respondents to the survey. Already 23% are in blue. Noteworthy yet another number. Among those who live alone, 41% have defaulted in the last 12 months and 62% remain in default.

Spending cuts

Respondents said that when they lack money, they buy cheaper things (24%), borrow money from friends or family (22%) and cut spending on supermarkets and cable TV (21%).

Debt Amount

According to research data from SPC Brazil, on average, the debt value of people who live alone is $ 1,500 in credit card (36%) and store cards (20%). For these indebtedness there are also reasons such as decreased income (23%), own or family unemployment (22%), name loan to third parties (23%), and health problems (20%).

Financial reserves

Seven out of ten respondents to the study have no financial reserve, representing 67% of these people. Among the 33% they have, they use savings as the most common modality (80%). However, 78% said they do not know how much they have in their investments.

Among the reasons for people living alone to make reservations are unforeseen events (31%), travel (19%) and retirement (17%).

Smart options for getting out of debt


Those in debt, especially on credit card or overdraft, need to quickly find a solution to the problem. This is because the interest rates on these credit arrangements are very high and can easily end up getting into a snowball of debt.

The personal loan is one of the most interesting options for those who want to take a loan with low interest, without consignment and without having to offer a security as well. In addition, it is possible to do the hiring completely online and thus have practicality and speed.

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