Corpay unveils FX risk exposure management tool

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  • Corpay, publisher of cross-border payment solutions, announces the arrival of its new foreign exchange risk exposure management tool.
  • The company, which is owned by FLEETCOR, said the CASE methodology — as the new solution will be known — will give customers what they need to make effective decisions about mitigation strategies.
  • “Providing our clients with access to decades of FX experience and data, along with adaptable technology, can help clients protect themselves from potential risks in the FX market,” a Corpay spokesperson said. .

Corpay, a leading provider of integrated cross-border payment solutions, has announced that it will offer a new foreign exchange risk exposure management tool.

Corpay, which is owned by FLEETCOR and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, presents its CASE methodology to the market.

CASE is designed to help clients acquire and put the data they need to reduce risk in forex trading.

This, in turn, can help the client ensure that they have appropriate mitigation strategies in place when managing this risk.

In a statement, a senior Corpay Cross-Border official said the company is excited about the development.

Jim Kessler, who is the vice president of Currency Risk Analytics, said there would be multiple benefits for the firm’s clients.

“We are extremely excited to provide our clients with a cost-effective tool to help them customize their FX strategy that will allow them to capture, quantify and mitigate FX risk without the need for expensive technology,” a- he declared.

He went on to say that clients will be able to benefit from many years of experience in the forex world once they adopt the new system.

“Providing our clients with access to decades of FX experience and data, as well as adaptable technology, can help clients protect themselves against potential risks in the FX market, and can also help them fine-tune a effective strategy that evolves with their needs,” he explained.

Another spokesperson for Corpay Cross-Border Solutions raised different points.

Mark Frey, who is the chairman of Corpay, said companies early in their global growth journey might find currency risk difficult to manage.

“For companies just starting to trade internationally or expanding into new markets, managing exposure and mitigating risk can be a very cumbersome and complex process,” he said. he explains.

He added that the company is eager to help businesses achieve their goals.

“We are extremely proud to be able to provide businesses with the simplified capabilities and tools to help them navigate the complexities of the marketplace, and we look forward to helping more businesses execute strategies that fit their goals,” said he declared.

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