Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda’s best money transfer app – Easypay


EasyPay is a digital wallet that helps you conduct e-commerce transactions with the utmost convenience.

Kampala, Uganda | By Michael Wandati | There are countless situations where money transfer apps like Easypay can come in handy. Whether you want to reimburse your friend for paying your restaurant bill or sending money to your mom or dad somewhere in the village, you can use Easypay – a peer-to-peer money transfer app to facilitate conveniently easy and painless transaction using your cellphone or even your computer.

Best of all, the Easypay money transfer app doesn’t require you to enter your banking information. Security remains a key provision with the Easypay money transfer app, ensuring that your transactions are protected with a combination of features to keep them safe, which should include strong encryption between devices. Easypay boasts of PCI DSS security standards, this is the level of security for credit cards and banks.

Formed in 2016, the self-funded Easypay launched a digital wallet that allows businesses to accept payments from customers, while users can purchase airtime and pay for digital TV subscriptions and utility bills. in line.

The startup aims to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for all types of payment, overcoming the lack of interoperability between mobile money networks. Users can take advantage through the web, smartphone app, or USSD, while also offering perks such as crowdfunding, e-ticketing, bulk payments, QR code retail, and micro-loans. P2P. For B2B and merchants, Easypay offers gateway solutions through its open APIs and plugins, as well as free integration services.

Easypay mobile wallet
With our extensive plugins and developer API, you can connect your existing website, app or software to collect payments in minutes.

All of this has proven to be attractive to users, with over 40,000 people signing up across Uganda. Easypay is growing very quickly.

However, it remains a challenge to connect small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to e-commerce. It is one of the “purpose”Of the creation of Easypay.

Having started his business in 2016, Fred Ferguson, founder of Easypay, had struggled to integrate his application into telecoms in Kampala. He didn’t want the same fate to happen to others.

Easypay is a digital wallet that includes money transfers, messaging tool, and bill payments, among others. But what stands out is the application program interface (API) and third-party features (Plugins) that easily allow businesses (SMBs) within minutes to create a business enterprise account. electronic allowing them to receive money from their customers.

Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
It is necessary to have a dialogue before transferring money for any reason. With Easypay, you have the platform to chat, verify the person before you can send and request money. All in the same chat window.

These features also make it easier to collect donations and contributions, commonly known as crowdfunding. Take for example the collection at wedding meetings, the collection for the funeral, the contribution of club members, etc. These can also be configured as daily, weekly and monthly automated standing orders. This is how smart the Easypay app is.

Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
Create “Saccos” using Easypay group chats. Transparent declarations with user levels
Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
The perfect wedding?

How Easypay works

A plugin will grant your SME an account with Easypay via one of its telecom partners. This means that when paying for an online purchase, the customer will be invited directly via mobile money and the money will be transferred to the SME account held with Easypay.

Note that the reconciliation of accounts between SMEs and Easypay is done automatically in real time.

Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
Are you late to pay utility bills? In just a few clicks, pay your bills anytime and anywhere with Easypay

The customer can then withdraw the money or use it via the Easypay wallet. This is primarily critical for companies that offer deliveries.

Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
Paying for goods and services using the Easypay mobile wallet is simple, secure and convenient

In an age of convenience over cost, people are quickly embracing e-commerce. Electronic commerce, according to surveys, has the capacity to transform an SME into a micro-multinational, engaging in cross-border commerce. It also lowers the costs incurred by businesses by eliminating the need for expensive brick and mortar placement.

Main features of Easypay

1. Grow your business online

  • Easily add payments to new or existing trading platforms.
  • Collect payments with Easypay’s easy-to-use Developer API and third-party plugins. Don’t worry about technology integration, Easypay is here for you.
Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
Print your receipts directly from Easypay using Bluetooth POS printers. You can also upload or share the receipts using social media.

2. Modern cat

  • No need to use WhatsApp, SMS, calls, cash and mobile money. Find everything in one place.
  • Easypay is the best tool in Uganda to collect wedding contribution, Mabugo, etc.
  • Keep in touch with family and friends while still being able to transfer money.

3. Earn a commission for paying invoices: every user is an agent

Using the Easypay automatic agent enrollment program, you can earn money by paying utility bills in the app.

Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
Join the movement and become an Easypay agent today!

Easypay offers the fastest registration time as all processes are digitized. No need for accounting skills because the reconciliation and settlement processes are automated.

4. Dedicated customer support

  • Easypay offers an unmatched customer service experience within the application unparalleled in the industry in Uganda. Each member benefits from a personalized experience with Easypay staff for technical or general support, 24/7.
Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
The only reason we’re in business is to make life less difficult for our customers
  • In addition, Easypay introduces artificial intelligence (AI) to meet the volume and speed of service delivery (Easypay is the leader in AI in Uganda, built and developed in Uganda).

The cost factor on Easypay

Even though convenience is key for today’s world, there is still a global outcry over the cost of digital transactions, which is often too high. Taxes on the service make the situation worse.

Telecoms have now subsidized shipping costs but maintain high withdrawal fees which are also linked to taxes. However, paying your utility bills with Easypay is as easy as a click on a mobile app or desktop variant.

Therefore, the next time you are not ready to pay the new mobile money tax, you can use the Easypay alternative with less direct debits to pay.

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Easypay does not adhere to the notion of invoicing subscription fees for money transfers made via the platform. When you send money or withdraw money through Easypay to another Easypay subscriber, it is free of charge.

The application collects a commission on transactions made on the platform. However, in some cases where the partner will not offer a commission, the charges are passed on to the customers.

Easypay, however, charges for electricity, pay TV, which does not give a commission, so it charges a small, reasonable fee that is worth the cost of the convenience. Those where Easypay receives a commission, there is no charge.

Easypay bill payment

Are you late to pay utility bills? With just a few clicks, pay your bills anytime and anywhere

  • Umeme – Postpaid electricity bill.
  • YAKA prepaid electricity bill.
  • NWSC – National Water and Sewer Company.
  • Airtime recharge – MTN, Airtel, Africell, Smart, Smile and UTL.
  • Pay TV subscription – DSTV, GOTV, ZUKU and Startimes.
  • Data Recharge (Internet) – Smile, Roke, Africell, MTN, Airtel.
Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
Don’t miss any of your favorite shows, Pay on time with Easypay… Stay informed.

In conclusion, the world is now a global village. The borders have been closed by technology broadcasting social events in real time. Phones have become semi-banks and the movement of money is easier and more efficient than before. In fact, for many, it is carried out for the convenience of the user in the living room and bedrooms.

Designed and engineered with high scalability, integrability, connectivity and flexibility, making it a platform for the future and a cut above the rest in Uganda, Easypay is user-friendly, fast and has been built to the Ugandan market (it is also scalable to the global market).

Connect, transfer money & pay bills with Uganda's best money transfer app - Easypay
With Easypay, life isn’t about milestones, it’s about moments.

Easypay is good for Business to Business (B2B) as well as Business to Customer (B2C) operations. Easypay has over 40,000 users and continues to grow. Determined to amplify convenience even further, Easypay aims to reach over 250,000 users by the end of 2020, of course taking into account all factors, including the impact of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) in Uganda and around the world. Proudly the best Fintech in Uganda by user experience.

Do not wait. Join Easypay today! The application is available on Google Play Store, Apple Store and on PC.

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