BIT money transfer app users claim they’ve been hacked and stolen

Users of the popular Israeli money transfer app BIT complained on social media that their accounts had been hacked and were missing thousands of shekels, N12 reported on Saturday.

“I received a message that someone had just logged in using my details,” wrote one user. “I opened the banking app and saw that someone had already made two transactions worth NIS 3,600 each. “

Another user told a similar story, writing: “Half an hour ago I got a message from ‘BIT’ saying that someone had logged in with my name on another phone. Half a minute later I get an SMS with a charge of 1600 NIS and a minute later another 2000 NIS.

Cyber ​​hackers (credit: REUTERS)

The app is owned by Bank Hapoalim and was created in 2016, allowing users of all banks to transfer money using their phones instead of having to use cash, credits or bank transactions. . Other similar apps in Israel include Paybox and PepperPay.

Hapoalim Bank denied the hacking charge and called the complaints incidents of fraud. “A bank is standing behind this app, no one has hacked it and user information is inaccessible,” the bank said in a statement. “Every case of fraud is handled by us to the satisfaction of our customers, as always. “

“Millions of Israelis transfer money securely and easily using BIT,” the bank said.

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