BenFred: How a Christmas decoration came to define the Rams relocation lawsuit saga | Ben Frederickson

“We don’t take shotgun approaches,” Blitz said. “Every piece of our discovery was aimed at proving the five assertions we argued. We had everything in the box. We called most of this case right, before it happened. It turned out, with the evidence that we’ve seen, it’s become a lot easier than we ever thought it would be.”

City and county leaders explained why they took the money. But why haven’t lawyers pushed their clients to demand more?

First, let’s square something. To say the STL team should have pushed for a bigger settlement is debatable I suppose. Saying he should have pushed for an expansion team? This is not a statement based on reality.

“As lawyers, you have to keep in mind, what can you get out of a trial, and what can’t you?” Bennett said. “The lawsuit made no mention of an expansion team.”

While the details of the back-and-forth mediation that produced the settlement’s dollar figure — along with any undisclosed smoking guns uncovered in the discovery — may forever remain buried under the terms of the settlement agreement, the attorneys explained why they agreed with their clients to accept the settlement. Go ahead and make your jokes about the healthy cut of lawyer earnings here. For those who wish to examine their points, there are a few notable ones.

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