Ample Transfers Launches AmpleSend Online; Empower Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) to send money on demand, get the best rates and maximize their precious day off.

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SINGAPORE, December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ample Transfers, a Leader in Personal and Business Cross-Border Money Transfers, Has Launched AmpleSend online; a convenient and secure online money transfer service created to help migrant domestic workers (MDWs) and migrant workers (MWs) send money without having to travel in person.

“Ample Transfers has implemented a regulatory compliant solution that allows us to verify the identity of customers in a non-face-to-face manner, which comes with the added convenience of using My Info to fill in their registration details, ” noted Matthew Yap, CEO of Ample Transfers. “We also give $ 10 credit to the first 500 migrant customers who sign up for AmpleSend Online now and complete their first transaction this month. ”

Portion that of Singapore A migrant workforce for over 23 years, Ample Transfers has kept in close touch with customer needs and always strives to serve its customers better. While they understand that many migrant customers remain more comfortable sending money in person, the company is also keen to respond to the growing minority who have already embraced digital payments. AmpleSend Online was created to complement their AmpleSend in-person service, enabling Ample Transfers to cater to both banked and under-banked people.

AmpleSend Online customers benefit from greater flexibility and control over their remittances: they can watch and get the best rates and it also reduces reliance on informal remittances which are unregulated and less secure. A ripple effect of this is also shorter waiting times and fewer people at the branch.

While the service fees are the same online and in person, AmpleSend Online’s promotions aim to encourage more customers to go digital and go online. Register for AmpleSend online at

Many transfers is a leader in cross-border payment services providing safe and reliable money transfer and exchange services to a wide range of international customers in Singapore since 1998. We have established a strong presence in Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia and China corridors. We support and care for our clients and the communities they help support with their remittances.

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